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Online Dispute Resolution leverages technology and uses alternative dispute resolution mechanisms viz. Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation to resolve disputes.

The Story of Our Company

Started in 2021, we helped individuals and businesses in resolution of their legal disputes such as recovery of money disputes, cheque bounce cases, divorce cases, family disputes, property disputes etc. Our digital platform has helped parties in resolution of their disputes within 30-90 days.

With our time bound, cost effective and confidential online process, we helped individuals and businesses save their precious time and more importantly money which they would have end up spending in pursuing other proceedings.


ODR Mechanisms we offer

Online Dispute Resolution is a process of implementing institutional alternative dispute resolution mechanisms digitally.

What leaders say about ODR?

Amitabh Kant
– ex-CEO, Niti Aayog

“A robust ODR ecosystem in India has the potential to facilitate access to justice and the ease of doing business by making dispute resolution cheaper, quicker and most importantly equally credible as conventional methods of dispute resolution.”

Justice B N Srikrishna
- Former Supreme Court judge

“ODR can act as a complement to the court system. In fact, it will act as an auxiliary of the court system in the sense that it will prevent a large number of litigations unnecessarily that clutter the courts. Online Dispute Resolution can help deliver justice to the doorstep of the litigant”

Nandan Nilekani
– Co-Founder, Infosys Ltd.

“ODR can help resolve disputes quickly, build trust with customers and partners, and reduce the number of cases that go to courts. A hybrid model of courts (and virtual courts) & ODR would be a steady state of dispute resolution. To combine technology with the most thoughtful, equitable way to enhance dispute resolution for all.”