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At WeVaad, we understand that consumer satisfaction is paramount, and resolving consumer disputes efficiently is essential for maintaining trust, fostering positive relationships and increasing customer retention.

Grievance Redressal | Wevaad

Why Choose WeVaad for Consumer Grievance Redressal?

Swift Resolution

WeVaad is dedicated to resolving disputes in a timely manner. Our ODR processes are designed to be completed within a timeframe of 30-90 days, ensuring a swift and efficient resolution to consumer grievances.

Online Convenience

Embracing the digital era, our processes are conducted entirely online. This not only streamlines the resolution process but also offers convenience to all parties involved.

WeVaad Rules

Our Consumer Grievance Redressal processes adhere to the WeVaad Rules, which are designed to ensure a fair, impartial and swift resolution. These rules are the cornerstone of our commitment to maintaining high standards in dispute resolution.

How to Initiate Consumer Grievance Redressal at WeVaad

  • Submission of Grievance: Consumers can initiate the process by submitting their grievances online through our dedicated portal.
  • Selection of Process: Based on the nature of the consumer complaint, parties can choose from arbitration, mediation, or conciliation.

  • WeVaad Rules Adherence: Throughout the process, the WeVaad Rules will be strictly followed to ensure a fair and unbiased resolution.
  • Swift Resolution: Our commitment to efficiency ensures that the resolution is achieved within the stipulated 30-90 days.

At WeVaad, we believe in providing a fair, accessible, and swift platform for Consumer Grievance Redressal. Our ODR processes are designed to empower consumers and businesses alike, fostering a culture of trust and cooperation.

If you have a consumer grievance, let WeVaad be your partner in achieving a just resolution.

Our ODR Processes


When disputes require a formal legal process, WeVaad conducts institutional arbitration following established rules and procedures. Our arbitrators are experienced professionals committed to delivering impartial decisions.


Mediation offers parties a chance to reach a mutually agreeable solution with the assistance of a neutral mediator. WeVaad’s mediation process promotes open communication and facilitates swift settlement.


Conciliation is a collaborative approach to dispute resolution. WeVaad’s conciliation process encourages parties to work together under the guidance of a conciliator to find a resolution that meets their needs.