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What is Wevaad?

Arbitration is a procedure of dispute resolution between the parties which is governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.  Its features are as follows:

How WeVaad Works

WeVaad offers Negotiation as a technology assisted mediation which uses a Game Theory based algorithm to throw up a settlement number and will use AI to improve over time.

On the other hand, for Mediation and Arbitration, it adopts the aggregator model by sourcing cases online and having tie ups with reputed arbitration / mediation institutes and independent professionals to resolve disputes

Founder's Speak

Started in 2021, we helped individuals and businesses in resolution of their legal disputes such as recovery of money disputes, cheque bounce cases, divorce cases, family disputes, property disputes etc. Our digital platform helped litigants in resolution of disputes within 30-60 days.

With our faster, affordable and confidential online process, we helped individuals and businesses save their precious time and more importantly money which they would have end up spending in dragged court proceedings.

Our Values



Problem Solving


Rigour and Quality


  • Bringing justice to NRIs who have lost all hope in ever getting their legal rights restored in their country of origin
  • Delivering fabulous client experience, be fully accountable and accessible to those who are fighting their legal battles through us, while living in far off lands outside India

  • To reinstate faith in people residing overseas about India and Indians as the mindset of people is so warped and steeped in suspicion against Indians.
  • To prove that the legal system in India works in a professional, honest and ethical manner and such exclusive and quality legal services are available in India.