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‘WeVaad’ is derived from two words – ‘We’ (English) and ‘Vivaad’ (Sanskrit) to mean that ‘We’ are there for your ‘Vivaad’. ‘Vivaad’ in Sanskrit means dispute. WeVaad is an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Institution which helps parties with time bound, cost effective and confidential dispute resolution through institutional arbitration, institutional mediation and institutional conciliation. These processes are conducted online under their respective WeVaad Rules and are completed within 30-90 days.

How WeVaad Works

WeVaad leverages technology to conduct institutional arbitration, institutional mediation and institutional conciliation under WeVaad Arbitration Rules, WeVaad Mediation Rules and WeVaad Conciliation Rules respectively. These Rules have simplified the process to ensure that parties maximise their benefit from autonomy available in these processes.

Founder's Speak

Started in 2021, WeVaad was conceptualised to help individuals and businesses in timely resolution of their legal disputes such as recovery of money disputes, cheque bounce cases, divorce cases, family disputes, property disputes etc. If time spent on purchasing a product has been reduced to a few seconds, dispute resolution arising out of any such transaction cannot take ages and needs to catch up.

With our faster, cost effective and confidential online resolution process, we have helped individuals and businesses save their time, money and time value of money which is traditionally incurred.

Our Values



Problem Solving


Rigour and Quality


  • To provide time bound, cost effective and confidential modes of dispute resolution to parties.

  • To provide mechanisms to help parties in ensuring time value of money.