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Online Dispute Resolution in India

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Started in 2021, we helped individuals and businesses in resolution of their legal disputes such as recovery of money disputes, cheque bounce cases, divorce cases, family disputes, property disputes etc. Our digital platform helped litigants in resolution of disputes within 30-60 days.

With our faster, affordable and confidential online process, we helped individuals and businesses save their precious time and more importantly money which they would have end up spending in dragged court proceedings.


Online Dispute Resolution Process

Step 1: File a case

Step 2: Choose the mode of Resolution viz. Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation

Step 3: Legal notice to the opposite side

Online Dispute Resolution Process | Wevaad

Step 4: Assignment of WeVaad Expert and Case Manager

Step 5: Online Meetings and upload of statement of defense and pleadings

Step 6: Resolution within 30-60 Days

Benefits of Choosing WeVaad

Online Filing And Notices

  • Easy filing of case
  • Legal notice via e-mail, whatsapp and phone call
  • Attachment option for relevant documents

Online meetings and Upload of docs

  • Easy to schedule meetings
  • Upload pleadings and statement of defense
  • Secured cloud storage

Online Orders and Awards

  • -Issue of Orders / Awards online
  • -E-sign and e-stamping of documents
  • Confidentiality maintained

Types Of Disputes

Disputes which can be handled through Online Dispute Resolution

  • Loan recovery cases of Banks / NBFC / Fin tech companies
  • Cheque bounce disputes
  • Family Disputes
  • E-commerce disputes.
  • Insurance claims disputes
  • Payment recovery disputes
  • Contractual disputes

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