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Legal Agreement Drafting

Draft your legal contracts / Agreements through our panel of Legal Experts. 


Our empaneled legal experts are available to advise and draft your agreements to safeguard your commercial interest and to protect you from any adverse future legal liability. You can be rest assured that your legal agreement will be drafted as per your requirement.

How do we help you in drafting your legal contract / agreement?

Choose Agreement Type and request for quote

Make Payment 

Legal Expert to take your requirement

Share Draft of the agreement

Consultation call to explain you the important clauses

Final Agreement to be e-signed and e-Stamped 

We cover wide variety of agreement types to cater to all your needs

  1. Service Agreement
  2. Non-disclosure Agreement
  3. Partnership Agreement
  4. Loan Agreement / Security Agreement
  5. Licensing Agreement
  6. Distributor Agreement
  7. Franchise Agreement
  1. Joint Venture Agreement
  2. Shareholder Agreement
  3. Sale and Purchase Agreement
  4. Employment Agreement 
  5. Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement 
  6. Transfer Agreement 
  7. Privacy Policy 

Choose WeVaad for faster and efficient drafting of your legal contracts / agreements

Experienced lawyers

We have an experienced panel of lawyers with their extensive experience in various sectors and jurisdictions in India.

Faster Execution

Entire agreement drafting exercise will be carried out on our online platform making it convenient and faster for you. You can track the progress of the same at the click of your bottom.

Dispute Resolution Clause

As WeVaad is an online dispute resolution institution, you will get an option to resolve disputes on our platform by way of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms which is completed within 90 days.

Meet our Legal Experts who will help you in drafting legally perfect agreement

Suveer Gaur

Bar Council Id : D/2676/2014
State : Delhi
Expertise: Property agreements, Commercial contracts

Rangon Choudhury

Bar Council Id : 926/2017
State : Delhi
Expertise: Property agreements, Commercial contracts

Akshay Goel

Bar Council Id : D/686/2011
State : Delhi
Expertise: Property agreements, Commercial contracts

Megha Bajoria

Bar Council Id : MAH/5955/2009
State : Mumbai
Expertise: Property agreements, Commercial contracts

Pulkit Aggarwal

Bar Council Id : D/1770/2012
State : Delhi
Expertise: Property agreements, Commercial contracts

Shivansh Pandya

Bar Council Id : D/178/2015
State : Delhi
Expertise: Property agreements, Commercial contracts

Varun Papireddy

Bar Council Id : kar/2194/2016
State : Banglore
Expertise: Property agreements, Commercial contracts

Divya Gattani

Bar Council Id : D/2659/2017
State : Delhi
Expertise: Property agreements, Commercial contracts

Customer Reviews

Bala Subramanian

“I recommend WeVaad if you are looking for online legal services. It is a one stop shop for all my legal requirements. The lawyer, Adv. Goel, understood our requirements and drafted the franchise agreement accordingly. The turn around time was impressive. We are also exploring their online dispute resolution option to resolve our legal cases faster.”

Sanket Sangawar

“I have drafted my office rent agreement through WeVaad. They assigned an experienced lawyer to draft my agreement. He made me understand basic clauses which should go in the agreement. Entire process was completed within 2 days. Recommended for drafting legal agreements!”

Mohan Prabhu

“Have been looking for a lawyer who will draft contract agreement, it was a quite complex agreement hence I was first apprehensive to give them the task but results are brilliant. Amazing work guys. Keep it up.”

Looking for a reliable partner to make your contract / agreement legally sound, then get in touch with us.


Who will work on my legal agreement?

Our Panel of experienced lawyers will help you draft the agreement. These are experienced lawyers representing various Indian Courts.

How much time does it takes to draft the agreement?

It depends on the type of agreement. The minimum time for drafting is 24 hours. Rest assured, our team will monitor the entire activity and will keep you posted on the developments.

Where your panel lawyers are located?

We have incorporated maximum of 5 iterations in our costing. For further iterations, the price will be charged as per the number hours spent on the agreement.