Complete guide to choosing the perfect lawyer for your legal dispute

Search For A Good Lawyer Near Me Is Indeed A Daunting Task To Accomplish As Not Every Lawyer Out There Is A Perfect Fit For The Purpose You Are Looking For In A Lawyer. There Are Some Basic Prerequisites That You Need To Look For In A Lawyer To Reach A Conclusion And Make Your Perfect Choice. The Question Arises, How Do You Know About These Preconditions Before You Start Finding A Lawyer? Not To Worry, Here’s A Complete Guide For You Including All The Essentials Of A Good Lawyer. 

Requirements In Every Field Of Law Are Different And As A Result, When Looking For A Lawyer, It Is Important To Look For The Musts Needed For Your Work Requirements. Thus, Preconditions For A Suitable Lawyer Will Be Communicated Comprehensively In This Guide Especially Curated For The People Looking For A Perfect Lawyer For Their Needs. 

Good understanding of law as per your needs

A Lawyer Essentially Deals With Various Types Of Cases Be It Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Family Matters And The List Goes On. It Is Important To Look For A Lawyer Who Has A Decent Understanding Of The Kind Of Cases You Are Dealing With, For Instance, If You Are Looking For A Lawyer For A Divorce Case, The Lawyer Must Have A Grasp Of All The Laws Governing Divorce Cases. 

A Lawyer Should Be Capable Enough Of Understanding The Nuances Of The Laws And Cases. It Is Important To Hire A Lawyer Who Understands Your Requirements Well. So, When Searching For A Lawyer, Examine Whether They Have An Understanding Of Your Case. 

Practice as a lawyer according to your needs

Experience Plays A Very Integral Role And Thus It Is Important To Look For A Lawyer Who Has Precise And Ample Experience In Similar Kinds Of Cases And Disputes You Are Facing. If The Lawyer Has Experience In Criminal Cases But What You Are Looking For Is Civil Or Arbitration Matters And The Lawyer Is Not Much Experienced In These Cases, Then That Lawyer May Not Be A Good Choice. It Is Advisable To Look For A Lawyer Who Has Minimum 2 Years Of Experience. 

The Work Becomes Much Easier When You Hire A Lawyer Who Has Already Worked In Your Field And Has Dealt With Similar Clients And Disputes. This Helps To Handle The Cases Better As You Are Unlikely To Stick In A Tough Legal Situation, All Because You Found A Lawyer With The Right Experience. 

Proficiency in every aspect of work

A Lawyer Who Has Proficiency In Every Aspect Of Work That Is Required To Be Done, Be It Drafting Legal Documents, Negotiating, And Arguing In The Court Or A Tribunal. Along With That, The Lawyer Should Know Every Law That Is Affecting Your Case, For Instance, If You Are Looking For A Lawyer For A Dispute Of Breach Of Contract Of An Online Contract, The Lawyer Must Be Well Versed With Contract Laws, IT Laws, All The Remedies Available Under Various Provisions Of Different Acts. 

Examining These Factors Is A Must As It Is Unfeasible To Hire A Different Lawyer For Every Kind Of Work Needed. Hence, A Lawyer Who Is Proficient Enough To Deal With All The Aspects Can Indeed Be A Perfect Choice.

Good Communication Skills

Having Good And Efficient Communication Skills Is A Must For Any Lawyer. Every Lawyer Irrespective Of The Field Of Law He Deals With Must Have Sound Communication Skills. It Is Crucial To Look For A Lawyer To Have Good Communication Skills As It Is Very Much Predictable That The Lawyer Needs To Deal With People All Day, Hold Conversations With The Clients, Argue In A Court Of Law, And Draft Accurate Legal Documents. 

Thus, When Looking For A Lawyer, Make Sure That The Lawyer Has Good Command Over Speaking, Writing As Well As Listening, After All, You Want Them To Defend You Well In The Court Of Law.  

Qualifications and Licenses

Checking Qualifications Before You Hire A Lawyer Is Important As Every Lawyer Would Assure You That They Provide The Best Services. Qualifications Can Indicate Which Lawyer Can Provide You With The Services You Require. It Is Also Integral To Check Whether The Lawyer Has Required Licenses Or Not As Licenses Play A Significant Role, If The Lawyer Does Not Have The Qualifications Or License Needed For Your Work, Then It Is Better To Look For Another Lawyer. 

Bar Council Of India In A Shocking Revelation Said That 30% Of All Lawyers In Are India Fake, Possessing Fake Law Degrees, Certificates, Licenses, Etc. There Are 20% Of Lawyers Who Are Practicing Without Having A Valid Law Degree. This Makes It Even More Integral To Check Thoroughly If The Lawyer You Are Considering For Your Case Is Not Fake And Possesses Every Required Qualification. 


A Lawyer Who Is Reliable Enough Is The One You Are Looking For; It Is Key That The Lawyer You Hire For Your Case Is Reliable. Since, The Average Time To Dispose Of A Case In Indian Subordinate Courts Is Approximately 5 Years, Which Is A Long Period And You Need To Find A Lawyer Who Defends You Till The Very End. It Is Difficult To Find A Lawyer For Your Case Midway And It Is Disadvantageous As Well In Terms Of Increased Prices Considering Your Situation. 

Look For The Previous Records, And Reviews Of Previous Clients Of The Lawyer You Are Considering Hiring, To Conclude If They Are Reliable Enough To Be With You Till The Case Is Disposed Of. 

Sensible Judgement

A Lawyer Must Have The Skill Of Making Sensible Judgments As It Plays A Very Crucial Role While Arguing In A Court Of Law. If A Lawyer Has A Good Judgment And Is Well Versed In How To Apply Laws Efficiently In A Tough And Different Situation Is The Perfect Choice For Your Needs. 

Splendid Reputation

Hiring A Lawyer Who Has A Splendid Reputation May Not Be Essential But Is A Cherry On The Cake, As A Lawyer With A Good Reputation Has Good And Reliable Connections Which Can Speed Up The Proceedings Of Your Case And The Case Can Be Resolved In Much Less Time. 

Cost of a lawyer

Hiring A Lawyer Who Is Charging Within Your Budget Is Also Very Important As You Need To Take Care Of Other Needs Of Your Life And Looking At The Average Period A Case Takes To Be Disposed Of It Is Important To Calculate Your Budget And Hire A Lawyer Accordingly. 

Difference between Lawyer and Advocate

Lawyer And Advocate Are Two Terms Related To The Legal Profession Which Are Commonly Used As Synonyms But They Hold Different Meanings. A Lawyer Is A Person Who Has Acquired The Legal Knowledge And Has The Necessary Licenses To Practice In A Court Of Law And Who Also Gives Legal Advice And Assistance Pertaining To A Matter. A Lawyer Generally Prosecutes Or Defends Or Represents The Clients Before A Court Of Law Or A Judicial Tribunal And Is Also Qualified To Draft Legal Documents Such As Agreements And Contracts Etc. 

An Advocate On The Other Hand Is A Person Who Openly Supports A Specific Clause Or Policy, An Advocate Is Generally Defined As A Person Who Pleads The Cause Of Another Before A Court Of Law Or A Judicial Tribunal. The Work Of An Advocate Is Restricted To Pleading The Cause Of Others In A Court Of Law Whereas It Is Not The Case With A Lawyer. 

Types of lawyers in India

There Are A Lot Of Types Of Lawyers In India, In The Legal Profession There Is No Special Degree Which Gives You The Title Of A Special Type Of Lawyer, Rather The Type Is Derived From The Type Of Cases That The Lawyer Undertakes Or The Types Of Cases That Comes To The Lawyer. For Instance, If A Lawyer Generally Takes Up Criminal Cases S/He Will Be Known As A Criminal Lawyer So A Criminal Lawyer Becomes One Of The Types Of Lawyers In India. Based On This Reasoning There Are Several Types Of Lawyers In India As Follows:

Criminal Lawyer

Civil Lawyer

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Public Interest Lawyer

Tax Lawyer

Environmental Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Corporate or business Lawyer

Constitutional Lawyer

Labor Lawyer

Employment Lawyer

Property Lawyer

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