ET Legal Convention 2023

Legal Convention 2023 | Wevaad

Our Co-Founder, Kritika Sethi, was invited to a panel discussion on ‘A Look Back and Forward: Legal Tech in 2023 and Beyond’ at ET Legal Convention 2023 organised by the Economic Times Legal World. The panel members included Amit Pandey (Executive VP & General Counsel, GSK Pharmaceuticals Ltd.), PrashantMarathe (General Counsel & VP – Legal & Compliance, Sula Vineyards), Neera Sharma (CEO & General Counsel South Asia, Sistema SmartTech Technologies Ltd.), SachiTiwary (Director-Legal, GeBBS Healthcare Solutions), and Dinesh Sharma (Founder, Volody Products Pvt Ltd.) Through the engaging discussion, Ms. Sethi not only shared valuable insights but also highlighted the transformative impact of technology on expediting and cost-effectively enhancing dispute resolution for parties.

Her participation significantly enriched the discussion, offering a comprehensive exploration of technology’s role in shaping modern legal practices and emphasising its positive influence on efficiency and cost reduction in dispute resolution processes.