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With our exceptional legal strategies in Kanpur, unresolved debts meet their match and are transformed into triumphs.

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WeVaad's Debt Recovery Process, from Onboarding to Legal Resolution

Step 1: Case Initiation: Let WeVaad know the details of your dispute in order to begin the dispute resolution process.

Step 2: Choosing a Resolution: Select the appropriate resolution method (Arbitration, Mediation, or Conciliation) for the dispute.

Step 3: Appointment of an expert: WeVaad assigns an expert to facilitate communication between all parties involved.

Step 4: Online Hearings and Documentation: Present arguments and submit relevant documents online to support your claims during online hearings.

Step 5: Verdict: Access the final decision online, which may be an order or award outlining the obligations of each party.

Step 6: Implementation of award: Once the borrower has met the requirements of the award, execute the terms, and ensure that the case has been closed in a proper manner.

A step-by-step guide to navigating legal debt collection with WeVaad

  • After parties agree to participate in online arbitration, a binding arbitration agreement is executed by the parties. This sets the stage for virtual proceedings.
  • By choosing an arbitrator or panel with the requisite expertise, neutrality and impartiality can be ensured.
  • It is pertinent to note that both parties present documents, evidence, and statements to support their arguments.
  • The arbitrator conducts a preliminary hearing over the Internet, addressing procedural questions, clarifying issues, and setting guidelines.
  • Arrange virtual sessions, during which arguments will be presented, witnesses will be cross-examined, and questions will be answered.
  • An online arbitration award containing the resolution is issued once the arbitrator has assessed the evidence, deliberated, and reached his decision.
  • Award recipients have to adhere to the terms of the award as soon as it is issued. It may be necessary to take legal action in the event that non-compliance is not addressed.
  • A dispute will be resolved through the enforcement or settlement of the award, resulting in the end of the online arbitration process.

Voluntary Initiation: 

  • A shared decision is the first step in resolving debt collection disputes. As a result of mediation, debtors and creditors acknowledge the possibility of harmony.
  • In order to facilitate productive negotiations, parties appoint an impartial guide together to ensure expertise and impartiality.
  • Our Mediation Rules ensure that the mediator orchestrates the journey towards agreement according to WeVaad’s Mediation Rules.
  • The parties exchange viewpoints and offer insights into debt scenarios during the presentation of perspectives.
  • A shared and private dialogue allows direct communication, while private caucuses provide an opportunity for individual discussion, allowing nuances and solutions to be explored.
  • The agreement must contain binding terms; it cannot merely be a letter or a statement. Whenever necessary, the parties have the option of enforcing the agreement legally.
  • Mediators must maintain confidentiality in order to maintain mediation’s sanctity. By shielding discussions, offers, and deliberations from being used in subsequent legal proceedings, it encourages forthright dialogue and innovative problem-solving.

  • Voluntary Participation: Engage in conciliation with both parties willing to participate, recognizing its potential for collaborative outcomes.
  • Facilitator Appointment: The parties choose an unbiased, skilled conciliator who guides discussions toward a harmonious outcome.
  • Commencing Conciliation: The conciliator sets up a conducive environment and introduces governing principles.
  • Sharing Perspectives: Each party shares their viewpoints and articulates desired outcomes regarding the debt dispute.
  • Exploring Common Ground: Facilitated dialogues and controlled conversations foster understanding, aiming to uncover areas of agreement.
  • Private Conversations: Caucuses provide a private space for expressing concerns and exploring potential solutions.
  • Crafting Mutual Resolution: Collaborative problem-solving is facilitated through facilitated discussions.
  • Embracing Binding Accord: Agreements are formalized in binding agreements, underlining commitment to fulfillment.
  • Enforcement Assurance: Settlement agreements are legal contracts, enabling parties to seek enforcement in cases of non-compliance.
  • Protected Confidentiality: Through conciliation, discussions, proposals, and compromises are shielded from future legal proceedings, fostering trust and open dialogue.

Tiered Conflict Resolution Clause

A tiered dispute resolution approach with WeVaad: Empowering Pathways

A tiered dispute resolution clause outlines a methodical approach to resolving contract disputes. Prior to pursuing formal litigation, it establishes a hierarchy of resolution methods. It promotes collaboration while mitigating adversarial routes through negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and legal action.

Tiered Dispute Resolution Clause: Kanpur Process Overview

In the event that a dispute arises from this Agreement, the parties commit to the following tiered resolution process:

  • Negotiation: Parties pursue amicable resolutions through direct negotiations within a few days.
  • Mediation: If unresolved within a few days, either party may initiate mediation, sharing costs equally.
  • Arbitration: If mediation fails within a few days, the dispute proceeds to arbitration.
  • Litigation: Parties can resort to litigation if arbitration does not suffice.

This clause emphasizes collaborative exploration before formal legal recourse, ensuring a well-considered path to resolution.

Empower Your Financial Journey: Expert Legal Guidance for Unpaid Debts in Kanpur with WeVaad

Take control of your debt burden in Kanpur by paying off your debts. Connect with our dedicated legal experts at WeVaad, specializing in debt resolution. With their seasoned guidance, embark on a journey toward financial recovery and stability.