UNCTAD eWeek2023

Our Co-founder, Kritika Sethi, actively participated in the panel discussion at UNCTAD eWeek 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland. The panel discussion on ‘Employing AI for Consumer Grievance Redressal Mechanisms’ was organised by CUTS International in collaboration with WeVaad and OpenNyAI. The panel members included Teresa Moreira (Head, Competition and Consumer Policy Branch, UNCTAD), Marilia Maciel (Head, Digital Commerce and Internet Policy, Diplo Foundation) and Rashika Narain (Weaver, OpenNyAI). The panel members from different continents shared their varied experiences at the intersection of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Consumer Grievance Redressal Mechanisms’. Ms. Sethi shared her experience on the technology, including ‘Artificial Intelligence’ being used currently for establishing and enhancing consumer grievance redressal mechanisms.